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MA Narrative Environments / Central Saint Martins College of Arts & Design  

> Live Theater Performance
> CSM College Theater Platform /
   Imitating the Dog Theater
> Intern as the Chinese film crew       for live-action shooting by  
   real-time projection
Central Saint Martins College
London, UK
Dec. 2012

Cafe Environment 
Story Shape - Damage
> Live Project - Storyboard 
> CSM College 
> Content Planning in Teamwork
Central Saint Martins College
London, UK
Nov. 2010

It could be a social experiment to create a new narrative environment in a café or redefine the prompt reaction for the damaging aspects of café as a global symbol of gentrification. We try to explore London’s cafes and investigate the various cultures through- out different shops and areas. Hoping people might think about the general concept of anti-social behaviour in cafes. 

An Outdoor Gym 
Rethinking Larnaca
> Live Project - City Branding 
> CSM College /
   Cyprus Tourism Bureau  
> Design Planning in Teamwork
Larnaca, Cyprus
Apr. 2011

Design a luxury fitness and wellness experience that takes advantage of both the natural geog- raphy and the urban environment. 'Larnaca Co-Pilot' is a unique service that creates a smart interactive narrative that connects the city. It offers our clients alternate ways of navigating and engag- ing with the city. Our service checks your current location and gives you the best healthy alternative route to your next destination with local guides. 

Beyond Walls -
The Campus of Future
> Live Project - Storyboard 
> CSM College / ARUP Consulting
> Design Planning in Teamwork
Central Saint Martins College
London, UK
Feb. 2011

Focusing on developing a campus of the future for the Physical & Town quadrant of the matrix. How to consider the problem solution for the new pattern of education is our direct strategy that would be applicable in 2030 and sustainable from that time to next 20 years. 

Read People Read - 
Encounter with Urban Readers 
> Major Project - Storyboard 
> CSM College Degree Show
> Design Planning & Production 
84, Charing Cross Road
London, UK
Jun. 2012

This visual installation on Charing Cross Road, inspired by the film ‘84, Charing Cross Road’, creates a platform that allows people to share their reading experiences. It explores traditional and modern reading techniques as well as systems and behaviors of reading and knowledge sharing. The client is Foyles bookshop who is keen to revitalize the book street. The target audience is habitual readers, who regularly receive and disseminate information. Foyles bookshop, which is also the location of my project, intends to enlarge the shop as well as create a new look that appeals to the publishing industry. The installation encourages the audience to rethink the meaning of communication and what we have lost in the digital era. It also develops the cycle of authors and readers created by Roland Barthes. The project aims to produce more active authors and readers and to revive a cultural and memorable book street through the site-specific, audience-activated intervention. 

Intro & Images

Experiment 01

Experiment 02

Massive City-
2012 CentralSaintMartins
College of Art and Design
MA Creative Practice
for Narrative Environments
Degree Show
> CSM College Degree Show 
> Exhibition Design & 
   Art Direction
London, UK
Jun. 2012

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