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These projects that Oliver Tsai had participated in refer to interdisciplinary subjects and narrative spaces. The meaning of "undertone" could be a potential voice of surroundings to activate certain implications of design. We call the metaphor meaning is "(Ming)" in Chinese and attempt to make particular sound in the design field. Oliver Tsai has had diverse work experiences related to art research-development, theater, graphic, spatial design and also in charge to co-design collaboration and project management. 

Oliver Tsai's CV  ( CN 中 / EN 英 )


Interior Designer/ Tin Lin
Video Director/ Long 
Content Planner/ Sida Bai
Decor Design Magazine/ ELLE DECORATION CHINA 家居廊
Exhibition Curator/ Mimi Yan
Exhibition Designer / Kuo Space
Archie Forum/ China House Vision Lab  中国理想家
Furniture & Deco Styling Designer/ So far So Good Deign Collection
Museum/ China National Museum of Ethnology 中国民族博物馆·北京
Beijing Design Week . Suzhou Design Week . Shenzhen Creative Week